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About Us

Lenni Gilbert Inc. began 20 years ago with what may well have been an offhand remark. I was helping a friend who was working on an article for Bon Appetit when a photographer happened to notice my fussing over the smoked fish mousseline for the photo shoot. He came over to say how good my food presentation looked and added that I ought to consider going into the food styling business. While I had always loved food and cooking, I had never heard of food styling until then. That was then.

Since that chance encounter, my love affair with food and styling has included:

  • studying under Madeleine Kamman, acclaimed French chef, cookbook author and PBS personality
  • styling for Chicago Tribuneís food page and Sunday magazine supplement
  • teaching cooking
  • research and development for Eliís Cheesecake
  • developing concepts and recipes for National Presto Industries (makers of Fry Daddy and Prestoģ Pressure Cooker)

I have a solid record of fulfilling customer expectations by establishing rapport and working well with diverse groups of people from all creative disciplines.


Lenni Gilbert Inc. channels its creative talent and technical expertise to provide the following services to advertising agencies and photographers whose clients need food styled for print (advertising, brochures, cookbooks, cooking magazines, menus, packaging, point-of-sale, press releases), film (TV commercials, video tapes), and media presentations:

  • style food
  • develop concepts and recipes
  • research and order specialty items
  • shop for groceries
  • test recipes
  • meet customer specifications and requirements

We will travel to where your customerís projects take us, be they national or international locations. You can count on us to use our experience, talent, and technical expertise to meet your business objectives and needs.


When we take on a food-styling project, we do not use our creative talent to serve personal needs for artistic self-expression.

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